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Naboso Duo Insoles


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Created by a podiatrist to scientifically stimulate the foot-to-brain connection.

This reversible silicone insole brings two levels of stimulation to activate the nervous system and optimize movement all day. Wake up the feet, build foot strength, reduce fatigue or improve performance, all with just one flip. Performance Insoles on one side, Activation Insoles on the other. Simply flip it over to choose your preferred level of stimulation.

Perform: this side of the Duo puts the body in control of its natural power, speed and strength, providing optimal performance anywhere.

Activate: this side ensures feet are awake and connected to their foundation. Whether at work, running errands, or at the gym, stay connected and improve balance so you can move with confidence.

Reversible Silicone Insoles 

Dual-Level Stimulation