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Feed Zone Table Cookbook

Skratch Labs

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Skratch Labs makes some delicious mid-workout nutrition, but even it knows that fruit chews and rice cakes can't be all that an athlete consumes. Whether your sport is a relaxing hobby or you're continuously working towards newer goals and faster times, fueling your body the right way is important, and can be challenging.

The latest addition to the Skratch Labs cookbook family is the Feed Zone Table Cook Book, featuring Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim teaming up once again to provide a collection of dinner recipes geared towards feeding your family or entertaining your friends while remaining mindful about your food's ability to refuel your body after an active day.

While the recipes are designed with athletes in mind, the books are for anyone who wants to add healthful recipes to their daily routine.

  • A cookbook to bring nourishing dishes to family-style meals

  • Includes recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts

  • Lessons on cooking techniques help to hone your skills in the kitchen