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Huma Recovery: Collagen + Whey


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Huma Recovery Protein Smoothie, 6 Pouches – 15g Collagen + Whey Post Workout Recovery Drink – Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake with Real Fruit, Electrolytes, Healthy Fats

  • WHOLE BODY POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY - Huma Recovery Collagen+Whey is the first ready-to-eat protein smoothie that focuses on Whole Body Recovery so that ALL of you recovers for your next workout. Repairs and rebuilds muscles, reduces inflammation, and restores electrolyte & glycogen levels, helping to minimize recovery time.
  • COLLAGEN + WHEY PROTEINS - Joints. Muscles. Heart. Bones. Hair. Research indicates Collagen Protein benefits all of them. We pair our type I, II and III collagen fuel with premium Whey protein for maximum muscle repair so you have the ultimate post-workout supplement for your intense workouts. Thickness of a shake or smoothie without the typical protein powder texture issues.
  • EAT ANYWHERE - Ready-to-drink pouches with no prep work. Tired of cleaning your blender, bottle, or cup? No muss no fuss cleanup, and tastes like your favorite fruit protein smoothie.
  • NATURAL, REAL-FOOD INGREDIENTS - 15g Collagen Peptides + Whey Protein Isolate, 21g of fruit-based carbs, bananas & sea salt for 700+ mg of Sodium & Potassium & other Electrolytes, and 4g healthy fats. Gluten Free, Zero Soy, No Added Sugars.
  • OTHER INFO - 7" x 3" x 1" pouch dimensions. Great for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and any other endurance or high-intensity exercise. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Made in the USA by a Veteran-Owned small business.